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Our rate is 35USD/hr for international clients and 850UYU/hr for locals.

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Small Culture
Dream Huge Start Small

At Small Potion, we strongly believe in the healthy balance between efficiency & beauty. This means that we approach every work challenge looking for the exact intersection of what is usable and serves a function, & the beautiful mistery and curiosity that attracts human beings.

We like to perform our best always in partnership, with a user-first & mobile-first mindset, and based on an inclusive universal approach where most people are able to interact with.

Small Potion - Jean-Paul Massonnier photo

Jean-Paul Massonnier Bertin
Creative Director

Healthy Lifestyle
Yoga Practitioner
Football Aficionado
Work-Play Mindset

Small Potion - Seba Robles photo

Sebastián Robles
System Director

Problem Solving

Small Potion - Ismael Estefanell photo

Ismael Estefanell
Motion Design Internship

"Equivalent exchange: Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost."

Friends & Collaborators.

Small Potion - Leo Rivero photo

Leo Rivero
Full Stack Developer

Video Games
Mayan Cosmovision

Small Potion - Hernan Lopez photo

Hernán López
Junior Developer

Computer Technologist
Football Fan
Nature Lover

Small Potion - Agustina Venzano photo

Agustina Venzano

Being an artist makes me responsible for repaying the talent I have; being conscious of my deeds, feelings, and thoughts; create a pure spiritual atmosphere. My creation exercise influence on the spiritual atmosphere of the universe. (Inspired by Kandinsky)

Small Potion - Spotify screen capture
Small Potion - Projects written on whiteboard
Small Potion - Surinam Cherry
Small Potion - Projects written on whiteboard
Small Potion - Shelf with magazines
Small Potion - Projects written on whiteboard
Small Potion - Cooker hood cardboard box picture
Small Potion - Usb flash drive face
Small Potion - Usb flash drive face
Small Potion - Hanging skateboard