Real Estate Redefined

Established in 1997 and bringing it's services in one of the most iconic and residential neighborhoods of Montevideo. Arkontes director challenged us to shape a brand identity update which was more adaptive to present times, and the accelerated pace of technology, while keeping the essence of elegance and distinction gained over 23 years.

In such context, both properties and clients had to be accurately represented with the new standard. From the usability point of view, the form it took arose substantially from the traditional real state business logistics, communication and layouts, focusing mainly on the mobile experience and creating a more app like style.

Arkontes Tarjetas personales - Arkontes personal cards
Arkontes Carteleria - Arkontes post

Brand Identity Service

Logotype + Symbol
Color Palette
Graphics Elements
Marketing Strategy

Arkontes Pagina Web - Arkontes webpage
Arkontes Tablet View- Arkontes vista de tablet
Arkontes property - Arkontes propiedad
Arkontes Director - Director de a Arkontes
Arkontes mobile Menu - Arkontes menu movil

Web Solution Service

Information Architecture
UX/UI Layout
Web Coding
CMS Integration

Arkontes hoja membretada - Arkontes letterhead
Arkontes home page - Arkontes pagina home
Arkontes Instagram profile -  Arkontes perfil instagram
Arkontes Search option - Arkontes opciones de busquedas