Budabai What is - Budabai que es


Budabai is a Multidisciplinary Dojo that focuses it's activities fundamentally on the natural relation between breathing and movement.

Budabai Missiom - Budabai mision
Terran OS Small Feed

Terran OS

Part of a minimal landing page, hosted in Github and developed in less than 10kb for the 10k Apart Contest held by Microsoft Edge.

Onagris  Small Feed


Complete product design for the first agroecologic network that matches small farmers and gardening aficionados.

Onagris Small Feed
Weik Small Feed


An Urban Alternative Space established in a big recycled house. Devoted to social interaction, offering excellent craft beer and a diverse menu.

Xmartlabs Small Feed
Xmartlabs Small Feed


Rebranding and website for one of the most professional and friendly Digital Product agencies in Uruguay.

Montegras Small Feed


New website concept to sustain a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) venture.

Owan Small Feed


A Trade Marketing Solution that meets assets and traders using the power of Salesforce CRM.

Zimmic Small Feed


Zimmic has been delivering Salesforce consultancy and development service for more than 10 years.