Decentralised Social Network

Planetary is the new venture of the great Evan Henshaw-Plath, a self defined anarko-geek who worked on the initial creation and development of Twitter and some other really inspiring projects. From that perspective and with this kind of experience, he decided to embark on this evolutionary social platform, which define it's roots on respect of people's individuality and the intention to build a more balanced and peaceful society.

The look and feel here, was basically structured with three main concepts that flawlessly interact with each other. An open source typeface that illustrates the idea of humans setting free through technology, simple Iconography that create the mood for order and transparency, and the attitude of people expressing their values and ideas of a better version of our planet.

Branding, Web Design.

Stage: Early Development
Date: May 2020

Planetary- Mobile portrait Adaptacion para moviles
Planetary- Webpage Pagina web
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Brand Identity Services

Logotype + Symbol
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Graphics Elements

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Web Services

Typographic Approach
Logotype + Symbol
Color Palette
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Marketing Strategy

Planetary Logo - Logotipo Planetary
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