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April 2019

Eco-Friendly Vermouth

Being the first national craft vermouth, the team at Rooster saw the necessity to revamp the brand, taking advantage of the 2020 launch of their new dry product line and a sustainable refillable bottle that stand out on the market.

The main approach along the creative process was all about emphasizing the concept of Vermouth Revolution, raising the visual identity to a level that aligns coherently not only with the quality of the product, but with the whole experience around an emblematic and versatile spirit.

(In Progress)

Rooster Box - Caja Rooster
Rooster Siphon - Sifón Rooster

Brand Identity Services

Typographic Approach
Logotype + Symbol
Color Palette
Graphics Elements
Marketing Strategy

Rooster Poster - Afiche Rooster
Rooster Bottles - Botellas Rooster
Rooster partners with bottles - Socios de Rooster con botellas
Rooster main symbol - Símbolo principal de rooster
Rooster Box - Caja de Rooster
Rooster Bottles - Botellas de Rooster
Rooster Totem Bag - Bolsa de Tela Rooster
Rooster Tshirt - Remera Rooster