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Honis β€”


July 2018


The idea behind Honis, was to create a digital solution as an alternative to ordinary brokers, this web app, connects with insurance companies' servers to gather in real time information and deliver it to the user, so it let them search, compare and hire insurance online in the most transparent possible way.

In collaboration with the young entrepreneurs who decided to embark on this disruptive idea, we came up with a familiar but unique name, and a visually appealing brand system, that could honestly represent the idea of information openness, clarity and an enjoyable user experience.


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Felipe Herrero
Luciano Corujo
Jean-Paul Massonnier
SebastiΓ‘n Robles

Brand System Service

Name Creation
Typographic Style
Color Palette

Honis - Work folder

Web Solution Service

Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Responsive Web Coding

Honis - Webclip icon on mobile homescreen
User interface -  Honis
honis propaganda on a newspaper
Honis UI
Honis app
Honis brand identity guideline
Honis UI
Honis street bilboard
Honis mobile app
Honis mobile app
Brand identity guildeline
Honis brand guideline
Honis UI
Honis mobile app
Honis mobile app
Honis mobile app