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Via21 —

for Good

July 2020


Via21 started in Paysandú as a mother foundation devoted to share the way of Collective Evolution. The basis of this endeavor, relies on incubating, validating and empowering Triple Impact Ventures, that aim for an eco-socio-economic approach, to thrive as a community in the XXI century,

In order to clearly represent not only the values, but how the core of the foundation works, we designed a communication strategy intrinsically related to this new paradigm organizational structure, with three areas functioning as independent driving forces, but sharing this common vision.


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Stephan Heit
Facundo Moyano

Jean-Paul Massonnier
Sebastián Robles
Ismael Estefanell

Agustina Venzano

Visual Arts Services

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Information Architecture
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Responsive Web Coding
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