Weik House —

Home of Joy

March 2018


Weik House was born in a recycled mansion with the purpose of gathering diverse people together, to socialize, express and have fun while sharing a wide selection of local food and craft beer.

The house essence is to function as a big family, subletting spaces to other small food business and alternative artists, so they can germinate and let offer their original creations.

In order to create a distinct brand, conveying this concept of familiarity and alternativeness, we proposed a friendly identity and web experience strongly based on easy-to-remember (weik.co) naming.


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Agustín Marr
Rocío Machado

Jean-Paul Massonnier
Sebastián Robles
Ismael Estefanell

Brand System Service

Name Creation
Typographic Style
Color Palette
Social Templates

Weik presentation case

Web Solution Service

Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Responsive Web Coding
Hosting + Domain
Email Campaigns

Acceso directo al sitio de weik anclando en la plantalla de un smart phone
Hoja membretada de Weik
Pagina landing del sitio web.
Pagina "Le House" vista desde un smartphone
Pagina "Inicio" vista desde un smartphone
Interfaz de pagina Comerage dentro de la web de Weik.
Sitio web visto desde una Mac Book Air
Pagina "Eventos" , interfaz de Usuario
Carteleria callejera
Sistema de reservas en el sitio web de Weik
Carta de bebidas, seccion "Beberage" de la pagina de Weik.